Discover how to make money by selling ebooks 

There's a few ways you can do this:

  1.  Write & Sell your own ebooks
  2. Sell ebooks that are in the public domain or that carry "Private Label Rights" or both.
  3. Join my affiliate program (free to join, 5-minute signup) and promote & sell my ebooks.  Earn $43.50 per sale.  

With #2 and #3, you don't have to write your own ebook.

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What happens next?

1.  You'll get exclusive access to Ebook Profits BluePrint, a Members Only website that is valued at $47-dollars a month!  Inside the website, I will show you simple, powerful, effective strategies you can use to make money selling ebooks.

F.A.Q.'s (Frequently Asked Questions)

1.  Why are you doing this?

If you do technique #3, you earn $43.50 a sale and I earn $43.50 a sale.  So, we both make money online. 

2.  Is this a legitimate opportunity?

Yes.  I set up affiliate programs for my ebooks.  When you sell them, you earn $43.50 a sale.

2.  Is it free to join?

Yes.  Takes 5 - to - 10 minutes to sign up.

3.  Can you tell me more?

I wrote a plethora of ebooks.  I'm selling them as a bundle (collection).  When you join my affiliate program and promote your affiliate link and make a sale, you earn $43.50 per sale.  

As this is an Ebook Bundle, all sales are final.  This means no chargebacks or refunds.  Once you make a sale, you earn $43.50 to your account.

4.  Is this safe?

I set up the affiliate program with SendOwl™ fulfillment services and Stripe™ payment processor, trusted by millions worldwide.  Both are safe, secure payment processors.

5.  How can I contact you?

Email me:

In the subject line, write "question about Ebook Profits BluePrint"

Text/Call:  347-557-5487

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