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Congratulations on your purchase of The Ebook Profits Blueprint Bundle!

Congratulations on your purchase of The Ebook Profits Bundle!

To get the ebooks, click the links or images below:

1.  Ebook Profits Blueprint ($50 value)

2.  Companion Playbook ($50 value)

3.  150 Ebook Ideas ($50 value)

6.  Prompt Resources for ChatGPT ($50 value)

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Total Value:  $300 
You paid:  $17

Congratulations on your purchase!

Some questions you may have

1.  Is there a money-back guarantee?
No.  Due to the low price, there is not a money-back guarantee.

2.  Am I guaranteed to make money if I buy this Ebook Bundle?
No.  Although this Ebook Bundle has strategies for producing and promoting ebooks, no guarantees are being made.

3.  Do you offer additional ways or strategies to make money online?
Yes.  You're welcome to join my affiliate program by clicking the links below:


Click here to visit  my  storefront at SendOwl.

4.  How can I contact you?
Email:  bicycledays@yahoo.com

5.  Who are you?
My name is Michael Kemp.  I go by the name Kris Kemp.  I'm a writer, musician, traveler, and creative entrepreneur.  I put together the Ebook Profits Blueprint series in order to share strategies for producing, promoting, and, hopefully, profiting from ebooks, and as a way to gain subscribers and buyers for this ebook and other ebooks, too. 

6.  Are there additional resources for strategies for making money online selling ebooks?
Yes.  Just search YouTube using this phrase "how to make money online selling ebooks".   Bookmark the results. Watch some videos.  Take some notes.  Set up an action plan. Then, take action to produce ebooks, market them, and hopefully sell them and make money online.

Thank you for your purchase!

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