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Produce potentially profit-pulling ebooks with the Ebook Profits Blueprint Bundle ... 6 Ebooks for only $17 dollars!

Here's the ebooks that come with the bundle ... 

1.  Ebook Profits Blueprint ($50 value)

2.  Companion Playbook ($50 value)

3.  150 Ebook Ideas ($50 value)

4.  20 ways to promote your Ebook  ($50 value)

5.  Prompt Resources for ChatGPT ($50 value)

6.  Prompt Resources for ChatGPT ($50 value)

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Total Value:  $300 
Your price:  $17

This Ebook Bundle, a $300-dollar value, is  yours for the one-time, low price of only $17 dollars!    Get the strategies for potentially producing profit-pulling ebooks!  Click the "Buy Now" button below!


Some questions you may have

1.  What happens next?
You'll be asked for your credit card, debit card, or PayPal information.  Fill in the information and follow the instructions.  Once successful payment is completed, you will receive a link to the website that has links to the ebooks.  Bookmark the website for easy access.

 2.  Is this a safe & secure payment?
Yes.  It is set up using Stripe, a trusted payment processor, and Sendowl, a trusted fulfillment service gateway provider.

3.  When will I get the ebooks?
As soon as you complete successful payment, moments later, you should receive a link to the website that has links to the ebooks.  If there are any issues, please email:  bicycledays@yahoo.com

4.  Is this free shipping?
Yes.  As this is a digital product, shipping is free.

5.  Is there a money-back guarantee?
No.  Due to the low price, there is not a money-back guarantee.

6.  How is the Ebook Bundle delivered?
It is digital delivery, via a website, with links to the PDF (Portable Document File) ebooks.

7.  How can I contact you?
Email:  bicycledays@yahoo.com

Text:  347-557-5487

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